Arkansas State Supreme Court's Hearing on Proposed Russellville Casino

Arkansas State Supreme Court's Hearing on Proposed Russellville Casino

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Arkansas State Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Proposed Casino in Russellville

Voters in Arkansas had approved gambling at four casinos five years ago, and three of them are up and running. However, the fourth casino faced multiple delays, and now, the state's highest court is hearing arguments regarding its proposed construction in Russellville.

Background Context

The proposed casino in Russellville by Gulfside Casino and Entertainment has faced lawsuits and accusation of missing application deadlines, leading to delays in the approval process. Another contender, Cherokee Nation Businesses, was deemed illegible after it failed to receive local support from the city leaders and county judges, despite the nation's long-standing relationship in the state.

The Arguments Across the Table

Gulfside Casino and Entertainment had their license initially approved by the Arkansas Racing Commission, but it was then rejected as another term in maintaining an unexpired endorsement from local leaders wasn't met. The company states that the local officials were purposely avoiding endorsing their bid. While on the opposing side, attorneys for Pope County and Cherokee Nation Businesses were both present during the hearing, arguing against Gulfside's eligibility for the casino license. However, Gulfside claims that they had a letter of support from local leaders during the application's submission.

The Impact of the Casino

If Gulfside Casino and Entertainment's proposal is approved, it is expected to contribute significantly to Russellville's local economy. The company predicts the creation of around 1,500 jobs along with non-gaming facilities like restaurants, bars, and casinos. Furthermore, it also plans to contribute more than $60 million annually in taxes to the state of Arkansas.

The Future of Casino Gaming in Arkansas

While the issue on casino placement is still ongoing, gambling remains a significant industry in Arkansas. The state has had a history of illegal gambling, prompting the legalization of gambling at four casino locations. As of now, the three casinos up and running have contributed $66 million to Arkansas' Department of Finance and Administration.

The Outcome of the Case

The outcome of the case is still unknown and would require a lawfully binding solution to the ongoing arguments. The Supreme Court could either reject or reaffirm the validity of the casino proposal and its licenses. The future of the fourth casino's construction lies within their decision.


The hearing of the Gulfside Casino and Entertainment's proposed construction in Russellville had shed light on the struggling progress of the casino industry in Arkansas. With the economic benefits of casinos and their contribution to the state's department of finance and administration, the ongoing issue of the fourth casino's placement could have potential impacts on the state's gambling industry and the local economies.

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